The Fleshlight quickshot vantage review

The Fleshlight quickshot vantage review

here is the fleshlight quick shot vantage review, let me introduce quickly the brand before starting.

What is fleshlight?

First of all,

The Fleshlight is one of the most powerfull brand of artificial vagina or artificial anal opening sex toy.
The Fleshlight was designed by Steve Shubin, who was granted a patent in July 1998 for his invention. It is named for the flesh-like material used in its inner sleeve, as well as the plastic case that houses the sleeve, which is fashioned to look like an oversized flashlight. The inner sleeve is available with a vulva, anus or mouth orifice, in colors representing a variety of ethnicities as well as see-through, and 48 different internal textures.
The Fleshlight Girls brand consists of masturbation sleeves molded from the bodies of female pornstars. A device called the Fleshjack is a spinoff marketed to gay men.[6] The Fleshjack Boys brand consists of masturbation sleeves and dildos molded from the bodies of gay pornstars.

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fleshlight are made with the superskinmaterial safe for your skin and one of the most reallistic texture.

The Quickshot Vantage feeling

The quickshot vantage is just the fleshlight i use the most. compact and discret you can go everywhere with it without have fear to be caught with a masturbator. really enjoyable in couple, he is the best ally of your intimity. he also easily washable and cheap

In two word, just take some lube and enjoy!


it is cylindrical, pretty enough. it is easily concealable. he will be your best friend for traveling. the crystal color allows to see through what makes it really exciting.

Technical characteristic :

Total lenght :                4″
Insertable lenght :    3.5″
Weight :                            225g
color : blue ice/crystal ice


I recommend washing your fleshlight after each use, otherwise after a few days it will stick and smell bad. Remove the superskin sheath from the hull and wash it with plenty of water. You can wash the shell with a damp cloth. The design of the hull and the ribs are rather boring to clean. Dry the assembly with a dry cloth then apply a disinfectant solution containing chlorhexhidine on the whole superskin sheath, Then dry with a dry cloth
For storage, I recommend sprinkling the entire superskin part with talcum powder.
For the next use you will just have to rinse the talc dry and lubricate.

If you ever start to smell bad, sprinkle the fleshlight with econazole or another antifungal then wait a day for it to take effect.

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