Some weirdest automatic masturbator on internet.

Some weirdest automatic masturbator on internet.

Electric masturbators are becoming more and more common. The usable functions become complex and it is a pleasure to see that the market is evolving. Some try to imitate the best sexual relations, others offer sensations out of the ordinary.
The only goal is pleasure and that’s good. Here are the strangest automatic masturbator I have found for you.

this strange object made in tpe offers you 10 kind of frequency and 3 kind of intensity. it is curved to feel a real sensation. powerfull shock and elastic performance, aesthetics. he seems to be a perfect masturbator.

Made in tpe, it offers 30 kind of vibration, perfect for the feeling of deep throat, we have for only wish to penetrate it.

it is a true UFO, moan, automatic rotation and come and go. here is a very advanced masturbator.

Here is a functional maturbator, heating function at the temperature of the human body. vibration with different intensity level. A shell-shaped design. A cool object in all forms.

still a masturbator evolved, powerful motor, vibrations, automatic piston, heating, we approach perfection.

A mouth with adjustment of suction and vibration, it’s party for an extraordinary moment.

This machine allows you to attach both a masturbator or a dildo. Powerful and robust, it will make you happy.

Electric tightening, automatic thrusting, 10 frequencies, 5 speed, hands free it’s what can offer this futuristic masturbator so enjoy!

here is the formula 1 of the maturbator. aggressive design and soft feel. possibility of sucking, extrusion, intelligent rotation and voice production.

mouth or vagina, make your choice. use the vibrations and go to paradise.

luscious lips, a thick tongue. a sloppy and hot mouth. if that’s what you’re looking for, stop I found it.

to be continued...