how to customize your doll?

how to customize your doll?

The advantage of having a real size sex doll is that you can customize it as you would with your own body. We will not talk here about clothes that are obvious, but we will talk about all the little details that will make your sex doll more exciting. Some people get tired of their doll and buy another, which is expensive. By regularly changing accessories and clothing, You’ll never get tired of it.

1) the wigs

the hair is among the most important feminine attributes for sexual arousal. some adore fancy wigs as cosplay, others prefer more classic cuts. long, short, blue, blond, pink, black, tie, detach. find the wig that excites you the most.

2) the hats

the hat also allow to obtain an interresting look. for my part I am sensitive to the cap. so find a nice hat for your doll.

3) the glasses

the glasses are sources of many fantasy. nerdy girl, secretary or real star sunglasses. they are unavoidable. don’t forget to buy an elastic so that it doesn’t fall each time.

4) tattoos

Surprisingly, yes you can put tattoos on your doll, I test and it works! Temporary tattoos last around 3 days, it easily peels off your doll and leaves no trace. if you like the bad girls or rider looks why not?

5) the piercings

earrings are frequent, but few dare to consider the other possibilities. nose, brow bone, cheek, chin, belly. you can put it everywhere. this implies to pierce the silicon so be careful.

6) jewelry

essential for the feminine beauty, the jewels will best decorate your doll. necklace, bracelet, ring. just pay attention to the dimension.

finally, everything is allowed to equip your doll. your only limit will be your imagination. remember that it is better for your wallet to change the accessory rather than the doll.