How to clean your TPE sex doll?

How to clean your TPE sex doll?

You bought a TPE sex doll? Congratulation is a choice you’ll not regret.
if it’s not done yet look at my sex doll selection here or if you prefer a small model here.
However, a sex doll is something fragile and without maintenance and rigorous storage conditions, you risk the damage quickly. I try here to gather all the advice I would like to have before buying one.

1) storage board

  • store your sex doll dry and sprinkle with talcum powder.
  • store it in a standing position so that it does not come into contact with the surface (for my part, I leave it in the shipping carton) the silicone is very malleable and if your sex doll leans against the ground or wall for too long it will be flattened. And it is irreversible! the head must be stored in the same way.
  • don’t store it with clothing, there is a risk of irreversible discoloration on the silicone.

2) frequent wear

  • the nails take off easily don’t hesitate to add glue.


  • the small joints (hands and feet) are made of fine wire it twists easily and can pierce the silicone.


  • the bones can pierce the silicone if you use it on a hard surface, so prefer the bed or sofa to the living room table or the parquet floor.


  • hair of the wigs are very resistant and can literally cut the silicone of your doll. so handled the wig carefully.

3) cleaning tool

what you need :

  1. shampoo
  2. soap
  3. cloth
  4. sponge
  5. vacuum powder
  6. econazole

4) How to clean your TPE sex doll?


Start with the wig, wash it with shampoo like normal hair. brush the hair gently and dry.
Cleanse the head of the body separately.
Sprinkle with water and soaped the entire body and holes. Rub with a sponge. Then, rinse with abundant water and dry for 2 hours in standing up position.



Check that there are no more large drops of water.
If there are still some wait a few hours, if it’s ok you can start drying with a dry cloth, pay particular attention to the holes they must be completely dry.



Sprinkle your doll sex with talcum powder.
don’t hesitate to put a lot.
then spread the talcum on the whole body of the doll.



Finally, put a small amount of antifungal in the orifices, fungal infections tend to develop quickly in these areas. if they are there, you’ll smell them.

5) conclusion

having a sex doll requires a little bit of work, but in the end it will give you a lot of fun. I hope to have brought you useful information. be careful because with a little inattention you can cause irreversible damage. Have fun !